September 14

Episode 5 – Jeremy Hotz and Lars Callieou

We are glad to have Jeremy Hotz on the show this week. 

He now lives in Los Angeles, he is a veteran at the Montreal Just for laughs festival, 

He performed on the late show with David letterman and also Jay Leno, 

He worked with Jon Stewart, he performed comedy all around the world, he did perform in some movies as well. 

I mean his resume is so long it would need several pages just to go through all of it .  

Lars Callieou is returning on the podcast, you know him already. He is a comedian from Edmonton touring the world with his act and now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he performs in what he calls the "Fire Pit comedy tour". If you don't know what it is, just listen to the podcast, Lars talks about it.  

Jeremy and Lars talked deeply about being a comedian, how Jeremy got a picture with Jerry Lewis and why TV in Canada sucks.  

Great fun with these guys. We hope you'll like it. 

This episode is sponsored by the novel Don't Find Roger about a snarky PI who more lucky than good. If you like mystery novels with a dash of brashness, this is for you.

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